The Full Flourishing Formula

The drive to flourish fully is as natural
as the everyday hunger for food.

But so many of us aren't flourishing.

* Relationship problems.
* Financial problems.
* Social problems.
* General dissatisfaction.
* Deep misery.
* Burnout.
* Sometimes it feels like nothing is working.

Plus we've been living through an extended endurance trauma - lockdowns, injections, sudden death syndrome, wars, train derailments, bank failures, increasing danger of mass economic disaster. And the rules keep changing, so we can't even adjust to one stable set of circumstances.

Imagine that instead of feeling frustrated, stressed, discouraged, overwhelmed, lonely, despairing . . .

* You wake up excited to face the day.
* You feel your partner looking at you with love.
* Your kids have done the dishes without your asking.
* You recognize what's going on in the world, but still feel solid inside yourself, and with support around you.

So how do you get to life as you can feel it can be?

* Life with inner stability, despite outer instability and dangers.
* Life with close connections, work satisfaction, civic connection, an inner sense of power.
* Life with ever more skills to resolve conflicts.
* Life with more courage than fear.
* Life with passion and the curiosity to explore.
* Life with contentment and joy.

Again, how do you get to life as you feel it can be?

Your mission - if you choose to accept it -
is to learn the Full Flourishing Formula,
to experience the support we all need,
so that you wake up with
renewed vitality, energy and optimism,
living a life that feels right for you.


The Full Flourishing Formula

There are 4 parts
to the Full Flourishing Formula.

Part One. Full Flourishing, a 6-part model of personal development. It includes 3 aspects vital for full human growth - but omitted in virtually all other models.

Part Two. Absolutely essential. The Full Flourishing Formula
, a simple reliable 3-part process for moving toward full flourishing. ACE - A.C.E. Awareness, caring, engagement. Small steps that resonate with you. Steps leading to more steps.

Part Three. Support.
We're not built to do it alone. We need the right support - sometimes people close to us, sometimes a support group, sometimes individual or couple mentoring. We need safety and also encouragement to break out of frustration, stuckness, overwhelm, despair.

4 Options:
* Support Group
* Individual Coaching
* Couple Coaching
* Family Conflict - Coaching

Part Four. Taking it with you. The Full Flourishing Formula isn't something you do and leave behind. The strategies become part of your natural way of living.

The Full Flourishing Formula,
for ongoing lifelong growth and development.

4 Success Stories for The Full Flourishing Formula

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